I Specialize In Cuckoo Clocks !
I offer clock repair through the mail. Send me your clock and I'll return ship it when done.
Music Cuckoo Clocks
Cuckoo Clocks
I can repair cuckoo clocks with animation. Anything from simple animation to complex I can get it working again or keep it in top condition.
I repair both modern and vintage cuckoo clocks with music. I will overhaul the music box to make it run smooth and sound great again.
I offer cleaning and oiling to full service repairs for cuckoo clocks. I repair both 2-weight and 3-weight clocks with and without music.
Cuckoo clocks are my specialty
I repair all types of cuckoo clocks including:

  • 2 - Weight
  • 3 - Weight
  • Quail Clocks
  • Music clocks
  • Clocks with animation
  • Vintage or New
Each clock is disassembled and inspected. The movement is taken apart and each part is inspected as well. The clock is inspected for wear and other defects that cause problems.

The clock and it's components are ultrasonically cleaned to remove all the old dirt and oil. Repairs are made to return the clock to good running condition then re-assembled, oiled and re-installed into the case.

Each clock is setup to strike, chime and run at peak performance. It is test run to ensure everything is operating properly before return shipping to you.

If the clock needs new belows or other parts it will be repaired along with the rest of the clock. The clock receives a complete makeover.
I specialize in cuckoo clocks. I can repair a wide variety of cuckoo clocks including clocks with music and animation.

I also perform movement overhauls without needing to have the entire clock. You can send just the movement if you are working on the clock yourself.

You don't need to be near my shop to have your clock repaired. I make it easy and convienient by offereing clock repair through the mail.

If you are looking to have your cuckoo clock repaired, I work on music and non-music clocks with and without dancing paltforms. Just about any type of cuckoo clock.

Your clock will be dismantled and ultrasonically cleaned. All repairs will be made to it and it will then be oiled and re-assembled.

Once re-assembled it will be setup to perform at it's peak condition. It will get a running test to ensure everything is working correctly before return shipping it to you.

Cuckoo clocks
Movement Overhauls
Music and Animation
  • Fully Disassembled
  • Ultrasonically Cleaned
  • Full Bushing and Pivot Work
  • Spring Driven or Chain Weight
  • Hermle Movements
  • 2 - Weight Clocks
  • 3 - Weight Clocks
  • Music Clocks
  • Dancing Platforms
  • Case Cleaning
  • Cleaning and Oiling
  • Repairs
  • New and Vintage
  • Setup for peak performance
  • Music box overhauls
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Cuckoo Clock Repair
I do cuckoo clock repair on both new and old clocks. Your clock willl be overhauled to recondition it to like new condition.

It will be dismantled and cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all the dirt and old oil.

Repairs will then be made and the clock will be re-assembled and oiled and tested.

Price includes all small parts that may be required such as bushings, hooks and wires, nails, oils and other lubricants etc.
Some of the things that will be done during your cuckoo clock repair include:

  • Cleaning and oiling of the movement
  • Repairs made to the movenet and other parts
  • Music boxes overhauled
  • Dancing platforms cleaned and reconditioned for smooth operation
  • Bushings reconditioned and burnished
  • Pivots reconditioned and polished
  • Adjusted and setup for top performance.

I will use my years of experience to return your clock to its best running condition.

A cuckoo clock is a typically pendulum-regulated clock that strikes the hours with a sound like a common cuckoo's call and has an automaton cuckoo bird that moves with each note. Some move their wings, open/close the beak while leaning forward, whereas others only the bird's body is leaned forward. The mechanism to produce the cuckoo call has been in use since the middle of the 18th century and has remained almost without variation until the present.
It is unknown who invented it and where the first one was made. It is thought that much of its development and evolution was made in the Black Forest area in southwestern Germany (State of Baden-Württemberg), the region where the cuckoo clock was popularized. The cuckoo clocks were exported to the rest of the world from the mid 1850s on. Today, the cuckoo clock is one of the favourite souvenirs of travelers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It has become a cultural icon of Germany.

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