I Specialize In Cuckoo Clocks !
Big Customer Service - Small Workshop
​I repair cuckoo clocks in a small shop located in my home.

I am a graduate of the Gem City College course in clock repair, one of the last remaining clock repair schools in the country.

I accept clocks through the mail, do the repairs and return ship to you.

I am not a large establishment. I work part time at home to offer repairs to cuckoo clocks that need anything ranging from a cleaning and oiling to a complete overhaul.

I don't take on a huge amount of work and that allows me to pay attention and take care of the clocks I do work on.

You will get the same work performed that you would get at a brick and mortar shop.

Parts are available for most clocks made after WWII. Replacement movements are available for clocks made after WWII. Earlier movements will most likely need to be repaired rather than replaced due to availability of movements to fit the clock.

I work under my own name. Cuckoo Ken's is the name of my website.

I am also the author of  the Ebook " How To Oil Your Clock " available on

Below is a video of an old cuckoo clock I restored. If you wait long enough it strikes 12:00.
Parts such as bellow tops, music box governors, ratchet wheels and the like will be extra. Case repairs may be extra.

Not all movements can be repaired and you may need to replace it instead. On average this will add about $20 to the cost of repairing a one day clock and about $40 for an 8 day clock. This depends on movement make and model.
Your clock will be tested and setup to run and perform correctly before being returned to you.