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I Clean and Repair Vibroplex Keys
​I charge a flat fee for the service, plus parts and return shipping to clean and repair Vibroplex keys.

Vibroplex Keys - From $50

Being a ham radio licencee I have gained an appreciation for Vibroplex keys. Vibroplex keys are telegraph keys used by telegraphers (nowadays radio telegraphers) to communicate using morse code.

Vibroplex keys help to send better and faster than using a standard straight key. They have been around for over 100 years and the design has changed little over that time period.

These keys get very dirty and corroded with age and I clean and repair them. They have a huge following and the bug is still much used in ham radio. I have restored other telegraph equipment too.

I am also the author of the Ebook " Cleaning Vibroplex Keys " found on

The top photograph shows a key and sounder I restored for a railroad museum.

The next two are keys that I cleaned and repaired and the bottom two pictures are a before and after of the same key.

I have repaired Vibroplex keys from antique Blue Racers to modern Original Standards.

Contact me if you are interested in having me clean or repair a Vibroplex key for you.